marzo 22, 2016


Welcome to Duran Duran Radio, the first and the original web-radio no profit in the world  founded by

Giorgio Guarnieri dedicated to Duran Duran born on October 14, 2014

It was created for the fans of the fabulous 5 and our project is to enter your homes with their music

Duran Duran Radio collaborates with leading charitable organizations in the world such us: Amref, Doctors Without Borders, Oceana, Emergency

After a survey lasted a few weeks we did choose our fans the slogan that will accompany us forever, and the fans have decided that it would be:

“All You Need Is…The Music’s Between Us!”

The Duran Duran Radio team:


Giorgio Guarnieri – Director – Official Facebook Page







Tania Zac – Director – Official Facebook Page







Antonella Matà Official Facebook Page





Fabio Marinelli Official Facebook Page







Simona Caruana Official Facebook Page







Claudia D’ Amicis Official Facebook Page

claudia de amicis